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Use Grey

The Modern Group decided the next challenge was to use grey as a common element.

I found some great fabric in Calgary that had a gradient of grey from dark to light then back to dark. I cut it in half to get a piece that wheat from dark to light, then I quilted it using two shades of grey thread to have the thread and fabric match, however in the bottom third I used purple thread doe a small section and couched a shiny purple ribbon on to outline the section of purple quilting. 

I then free hand thread painted a butterfly on purple silk and attached it to the upper right of the quilt. 


My plan is to do this one again and use a technique I learned at a Royal City Quilters' Guild Workshop, by Maggie Vanderweit - "Curves, Wedges,  and Wonky Log Cabins". (Jan 31, 2015)

will add a purple wave instead of the purple ribbon. 

wall hanging quilt
Made for the Modern Group Quilt Challenge to use grey.
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