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RCQG Quilt Show 2015 - Gathering of Quilts

Well, I entered 8 quilts into the quilt show (May 1 and 2) Gathering of Quilts 2015 - RCQG. 

Only one quilt won anything, it was however the quilt I was mot proud of and hoped to have done a bit better.   It was my "Torii at Night" Northcott Fabric Challenge piece.  I received Judge 2's Honourable Mention. 

Challenge Piece - Torii at Night quilt by Scott Schau

Here it is as it was hung in the show. 

There are two main things that I think (from judge's comments) it did not do better, first, I did all of the appliqué before I made the quilt samwich, thus they could not see the back of the work and I did not quilt it dense enough on the top half.  Things to remember for next time.  

However, heveryone thinks it is fantastic quilt - I am very happy with how it tuned out.


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